International Women’s Fund Application Guidelines

Application Guidelines for the International Women’s Fund 

The International Women’s Fund of Mennonite Women USA supports women around the globe in church leadership training.  Training can be at a lay leader’s level or at the seminary level and can include training opportunities in North America or in a country near the recipient.  Length of study may vary from several days to a year or more. Grants, which are renewable annually, usually range from $500-$1,000 U.S.

Recipient criteria:

1. The person is active in the Mennonite Church.

2. The person has goals for service in the Mennonite Church.

3. The person has financial need. Due to a higher standard of living in North America and greater availability of resources, North American recipients will likely be women of acute financial need.

4. Applicants from outside the U.S. and Canada will receive priority selection with a maximum of 25 percent of funds given to recipients from the U.S. and Canada. Percentages may be adjusted by the MW USA Board of Directors in response to the number of applications received.

5. Referrals are requested from agencies of Mennonite Church USA or from conference leaders. A recommendation from a person representing the endorsing agency or conference is required.

Mennonite Women USA anticipates a relationship with the recipient and the sponsoring body and hopes to stay informed about the recipient’s study experience. Mennonite Women USA will have interest in sharing the recipient’s experience in MW USA publications.

Here is a downloadable application form and a renewal form for previous grant recipients.

For more information, contact us.

adopted 4.5.2003, Mennonite Women USA Board of Directors


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